Episode 77: Parasyte


Hello boys and girls (or Lurkers as one my listeners suggested). Today we go down the rabbit hole once more, as we discuss the awesome anime Parasyte. This show has it all: deep characters, awesome premise and way too many philosophical questions.


You’re left questioning the very essence of humanity, and what makes us human. Can humanity be learned? Can other creatures, like aliens, then learn our empathy and thus make them… human?

See what I mean? This is from a freakin’ cartoon!!

So yeah, we are way down the rabbit hole. On the other hand, the dubstep and rock themed soundtrack of this show is really awesome: as someone who watched way too much anime for his own good, I can tell you that this soundtrack is one of the best I’ve ever heard.

Fair warning – this show is not for everyone. In fact, it will behoove you to have a drink or two before listening to this show; unless of course, you happen to be as big a nerd as I am and you actually LIKE this shit.

But yeah, you have been warned. Don’t send me angry letters if you end up mopping your brain from the kitchen floor (cos it’s blown you see?)

Oh, and we also talk about tentacle porn (again) and how weird it is to have people actually want to be on my show (I doubt they will after this episode drops though).

The Laying of Hands - Migi style

The Laying of Hands – Migi style

But if you like shows with great music, awesome characters, and messages that make you think, then Parasyte is the show for you.




Music: Pink Steampunk Girl





Best quote of the show: “Oh, I’m wasting time on a meta level now. Awesome.”





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