Episode 78: Shaun of the Dead


Hello and welcome to the Halloween special Lurking Voice podcast, where we talk about Shaun of the Dead (which turns out is not a scary movie at all). I’m not the scary movie kind but I can appreciate a good comedy.


But since this is the Lurking Voice and I did the show in daylight, without any script, we dive into about seventeen billion (accurate number) rabbit holes. Among other things we discuss, Youtubers, Ariana Grande, Jeremy Irons (of course), Dylan Moran, and that one job I had where I pretended to be drunk.

True story.

This may not be the scariest show ever, nor the most professional (go figure), but its certainly entertaining.

And really, what’s the point of a holiday where you eat candy and wear masks, if you don’t take the piss out of life for a while?





Music: Pink Steampunk Girl





Happy Halloween,



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