Episode 82: Goodbye 2015


The last podcast of the year 2015, and in this one I contemplate the happenings of the previous year.

2015 started out bad – like, really bad. I was knocked down from day one and had to start over in many ways than one. It was a tough year, both emotionally and creatively. But in all that I learnt who I was as a creative artist, and I feel that I came back stronger.

So here’s a rundown of what I loved about 2015:

  • My mailing list. The fan response is great and keeps impressing me with how great you guys are.
  • Even if I only released one new book, it is by far my best – creatively speaking. So knowing that, I now have the confidence to dive head-first into the future.
  • Marketing. This word went from “I hate this thing” to “Hey, this shit is actually working.”
  • The Podcast. The Lurking Voice Podcast wen through a change, becoming more defined as a critique and comedy podcast. And I’m confident it will keep improving.

In the end, I can only be thankful for this year, and even though my sentiment is “good riddance”, I look forward to 2016, knowing that it will be awesome.

Thank you for listening. Enjoy:



Special thank you to Nick Stephenson (http://www.yourfirst10kreaders.com), Garrett Robinson (http://garrettbrobinson.com) and Sterling and Stone (http://sterlingandstone.net) for your wise teachings.


Happy Holidays,



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