Why I’m Quitting the Podcast

All good things must come to an end: a saying I often heard, and perhaps lived in some degree (as we all do). But it never gets easy saying goodbye to something, especially when that something has been with you for a long time and was an integral part of your week.

But for a while now I’ve felt like The Lurking Voice Podcast has run it’s course. I originally started the show as a way to tap into the creative process (both mine and others’) but the real reason was exorcism. Like many budding artists I had this massive tidal wave of ideas come at me and very little knowledge of how to separate what was good from what was bad.

That is not to say I put my bad ideas in the podcast. Back when I started it in 2014, the podcast was a way for me to get my voice out there – as opposed to that of my characters and stories. It was necessary, both from a creative perspective and from a basic human perspective.

Now, not so much.

I feel like I’ve moved past what the show was supposed to do, which is to entertain me and provide me with a break. You’ll notice I talk a lot about myself in this post and on the show – that’s because this show was never intended to have content. Hell, it was never intended to be out in public. Sure, if a few sponsors came my way and wanted to make me rich, then by all means, but that didn’t happen. From a simple 80/20 perspective the decision is simple: eliminate the thing that is not making me money.

Since that first episode (I have no idea what I talked about, but I’m certain it’s bad) I’ve published more than five times the books I had out, I learnt how to make a living from writing, and most recently gotten a publishing deal. Like, a REAL publishing deal – with agents and stuff.

I could say that I have no time for the show anymore, and I could say that I haven’t made a single cent off of it, or that listener response has been almost zero, but the truth – the real truth – is that I have outgrown the show. I groan inwardly every time I have to record a podcast, something which I’ve experienced in the past when I was forced to write blog posts in early 2013. That is not the way to put out art, and that is no way to treat my fans.

So rather than force its prolonged existence, I am pulling the plug and setting the whole thing sailing on a boat on fire. As I write this I have 83 episodes under my belt, and since I’m OCD I say we make it a neat 85.

That leaves me with 2 more episodes and knowing that they will be the last 2, then I can muster all of my enthusiasm and give the show the ending it deserves. And that is not to say I will never do another podcast again. However, The Lurking Voice Podcast is done, and has been dead in my mind for some time.

This Thursday will be the 84th episode where I will talk about a myriad of things, before forever concluding this show on the 85th episode.

Thank you all for listening,


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3 comments on “Why I’m Quitting the Podcast
  1. K.D. Keenan says:

    Congratulations! Congrats on the publishing deal!!!! And more congrats on quitting something that was no longer artistically satisfying. Hurray for you, my friend.

  2. […] to the second-to-last episode of the Lurking Voice Podcast. As I discussed on this blog post why I’m ending the podcast so I won’t go into details […]

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