About Me

Ryan Attard is the author of the Legacy series, including Firstborn (bk #1), Birthright (Bk #2) and a whole bunch of short stories for that universe. (Urban Fantasy, paranormal thriller series)

His second series, The Pandora Chronicles, is out October 23rd. (Sci-fi, adventure thriller)

His third series, Evil Plan Inc., is set to come out in January 2015, with Episodes 1-4 available for a sneak preview in December 2014. (Thriller, psychological, action, serialized fiction.)

Ryan is also the sole host of The Lurking Voice podcast and is one of those annoying types who write about themselves in the third person.

Stalk Ryan on Twitter, Facebook, or by emailing him at ryanattardauthor@gmail.com.


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Sci-fi & Fantasy author. Podcaster. Dreamer of the Day


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