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Episode 73: Veronica Mars


Today’s episode is very emotional. I’ve started binge watching the Veronica Mars series, which I did watch before, but this time it really hit home for some reason. Seriously, have you ever watched a show and when it’s over, you

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Episode 72: Death Relic


There are a lot of things I love to bitch about… and I mean A LOT. But one thing I almost never bitch about is novels and book — until now. Today we discuss Chris Kuzneski’s Death Relic and boy do

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Episode 71: RIPD movie


  Three things are on my mind today, boys and girls: 1) The FREE promo. Click here to get your free copy of Firstborn before the offer expires later on today. 2) that divine red velvet muffin (cupcake?) I had

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It’s Working!! (Aka Happy Dancing Timez!)


Hello Boys and Girls. How’s everybody doing? You guys cool? We good? I feel GREAT. So great in fact that I wanna share some epic news with you all. The first book of Legacy, Firstborn, is free as of the time

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Episode 70: The Velociraptor Special


As the more perceptive of you would have guessed by now, I went to see Jurassic World. Not only that, I watched the previous 3 movie within the span of a week, before going to watch Jurassic World in the theatre… which

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Episode 69: Will Ryan Press the Button? (AKA Ryan is a terrible human being)


Holy flying cows on a porcine’s underbelly, this episode is weird. And I don’t mean quirky – I mean you might need a double dose of LSD and a bag of crank to get through this one. First off, let

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Episode 68: Titansgrave


Today’s show is all about video games – specifically the ones with awesome storytelling qualities. This episode was inspired by Wil Wheaton’s new creation Titansgrave: The Ashes of Valkana. I loved this show and I think Wheaton has done something

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