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How I got my Agent(s)

This is the one blog post every writer hopes to write, right up there with ‘How I got a multi-book deal’ or ‘How I got a movie deal’ or ‘How I became the No.1 Best-Selling Author in Our Solar System’.

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Why I’m Quitting the Podcast

All good things must come to an end: a saying I often heard, and perhaps lived in some degree (as we all do). But it never gets easy saying goodbye to something, especially when that something has been with you for a

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Overcoming Writers Block

While I don’t usually blog that much anymore, sometimes I do come up with something that I think needs to be shared. Like this, for example. Writer’s Block is often the number one excuse why writers can’t do their job,

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It’s Working!! (Aka Happy Dancing Timez!)

Hello Boys and Girls. How’s everybody doing? You guys cool? We good? I feel GREAT. So great in fact that I wanna share some epic news with you all. The first book of Legacy, Firstborn, is free as of the time

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So I finally read the Art of War

There is a reason why in the past decade or so the world has shifted from the utter Westernization (i.e. consumerism) and values thereof, and adopted outlooks that have more in common with Taoism and Buddhism than the Colonization values

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Consent: Not actually that complicated

One of the best articles I’ve read in a long, long time

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We just broke Amazon’s Top 100

Hey there, guys (and gals). First off a huge, huge THANK YOU to all who downloaded the free copy of Evil Plan Inc. Season 1 – Preview. I was doing some happy dancing today. My book just broke through the

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