Episode 58: News, Pot and Japanese Cats


We jump the shark this week, boys and girls. Turns out that when I have no topic to discuss and nothing to say, I have A LOT more.

There is no script this week and no plan. I slept a total of 12 hours since Monday because the former people I had work on Evil Plan Inc., screwed me over and I was stuck cleaning up their mess. I haven’t had time to watch a movie or finish a book or anything – and I am not gonna talk about something I haven’t throughly finished.

Thankfully the news never disappoints, and this week’s entertainment is a cornucopia of terribly dumb news stories.

First topic: the Skid Row shootings. This is serious. Terribly serious. There are no jokes here, only salient observations about the lethal situation we are facing now because of the disparity between the rich and the poor. And I do urge everyone reading/listening to this to help out as best you can. Usually all it takes is a few seconds to spread the word.

And then we move on to Pamela Anderson’s new hairstyle – yes, that is a NEWS story.

Following that is a freak out story about some dumb-ass woman who freaked out over her son’s report card. Apparently if you aren’t a genius at the age of 5, you are not worthy of this woman – let the ranting begin. Now, to be candid, this was a piece in the Huffington Post. Not exactly a vanguard of intellectual prowess.

Still no reason NOT to rant.

Third is possibly the most disappointing pot story that ever existed. I won’t spoil it (spoiler alert: this shit is boring as fuck – thanks for bringing the show to  screeching halt, Boring Pot Story)but essentially its about a self-claimed loser who couldn’t score pot in Washington DC —– WHERE POT IS FREAKN’ LEGAL!!!!


We quickly move over to a zombie apocalypse story, because honestly, I really needed a palate cleanser. Some scientists did a SIR model test with a zombie infestation.

And spoiler alert we’re all dead …. except Florida. Even zombies avoid that place.

After the zombie story I come across an article with following title: How to be a better housewife.

I had to click and rant.

Finally, the best story of all Japanese Cats have taken over Aoshima, Japan. 

This article made me love the news again. Hurray for Japanese kitty!!!

And at this point you really need to click PLAY on this sucker.





Pink Steampunk Girl





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Episode 57: TMNT 2014


Welcome to another Lurking Voice podcast and this one is the mother of all rabbit holes.

Let’s start with what the podcast was supposed to be about: TMNT 2014, the movie.

To be honest, I kinda liked it. Yeah some lines were terrible, and there were instances where it felt like Michael Bay was molesting us with a rusty pipe, but all in all, it was good mindless fun – which is what any Michael Bay movie is.

So here’s what we talked about:

50 Shades of Grey came out last week, and every one had a hissy fit, or an orgasm, depending on your relationship. Naturally I go on a tirade about the immaturity and the hype job that is at the crux of this franchise.

We’ve been having a lot of Emma Watson news stories this week. Why is her personal life at all relevant to ours? Why can’t we leave celebrities in peace and stop fetishising glorifying their every moment?

Therefore: Emma Watson rant

By the time we get to the topic, I am so hyped up that I go on multiple rants about how Hollywood hates Megan Fox (whom I sincerely did not know was in the movie)

And if you want proof watch this special – after you’re done with the podcast :)

Somehow my Megan Fox rant becomes an Emma Watson rant (Note: this may by the Emma Watson special podcast) and how I think there’s something fishy about someone who is squeaky clean.

Like, say, being a serial killer. . . .

Enjoy the show




Pink Steampunk Girl





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Evil Plan Inc. – Cover Reveal


the new, kick-ass, ‘funny-for-all-the-wrong-reasons’

thriller series

by Ryan Attard


Evil Plan Inc.

Oz Aeris is a genius, one who is fed up with the greed and corruption he sees everywhere. Together with an expert hacker/ thief, and a mercenary swordsman he forms a team called Evil Plan Inc. Their goal is to take down Meteor City’s corrupt society and bring chaos to the world.

Because evil can only be defeated by an even greater evil.


* * *

Hey there, boys and girls. Welcome to the official Evil Plan Inc. cover reveal.

It was designed by iZed / Ivan. Check out his site at: http://www.ivanzanchetta.com/

Also, a huge thank you to Sean Platt, Johnny B Truant and David Wright of the Self-Publishing Podcast for telling me about 99Designs. These guys make awesome covers and are totally worth checking out.

And THANK YOU guys for helping me choose this cover via a book cover contest. Having your feedback was vital to me because this is YOUR cover and YOUR series, as much as it is mine.

As you can probably tell from the description above, this is not your regular, run-of-the-mill thriller/ detective series.

I like to describe it as Scorpion (tv show) meets Breaking bad.

This is a story about villains – people who realise that only by being worse then their enemies can they defeat said enemy.

Evil Plan Inc. is serialised fiction. Think of it as a TV series. Each ‘book’ is a season and within each season you will find a number of episodes – 9 in this first one.

Some of these episodes span over a single arc, continuing where the previous episodes left off (episodes 2-7 in the case of season 1) and others are either standalone (episode 1 – the Pilot) or a smaller arc (episodes 8 & 9)

Don’t worry – I took extra precautions (hence the delayed release until now) to make sure the reading is as flowing as possible. Feedback on this has been great but now I’m psyched to how you guys are gonna react.

And to make this even better, I am giving you the first 3 episodes for free as a PREVIEW.

The FREE PREVIEW will be available in just a few days – so make sure to follow me on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and SUBSCRIBE to this site.

I’ve got a torrent of books prepped for 2015, starting with this preview.

So stay tuned, subscribe, and enjoy this amazing cover,


Announcement – cover release

Hey there boys and girls. This is just a quick reminder to tell you that the COVER RELEASE of Evil Plan Inc. is tomorrow – Monday 23rd Feb.

If you haven’t seen this cover yet, you’re missing out. I’ve been splashing it all over Facebook and twitter, and will be posting it again there later on today – so follow the links on the sides of the blog and stalk my social media.

This is by far my favourite cover ever, and Evil Plan Inc. is . . . . unique. I have few words to describe this series – hopefully I’ll think of something awesome for tomorrow when I introduce it to the world.

Think of this series as Scorpion (tv show) meets Breaking Bad. 

I’m already in love with this series and hopefully by tomorrow you’ll start falling in love with it as well.

The cool thing about this cover is that YOU GUYS helped me choose it via your comments and votes. In a way this is YOUR cover as much as it is mine.

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Episode 56: Constantine


It’s nerdy time once more as I delve into Constantine, that awesome occult detective that was the founder of his own genre.

In today’s episode we talk about the 2005 Movie with Keanu Reeves (yeah yeah I know). This was a last minute choice after I had to switch movie choices for this week’s episode and settled on something that had dominated my mind.

So I discuss the movie, highlight certain things that made the script suck, the casting, and of course play some of the soundtracks. This movie is not as horrible a travesty as I imagined. Sure, they veered off of the comics, but there were worse movies made. So let’s be kind and give this a 6/10.

Then I talk about the TV series with Matt Ryan and try not to fanboy too much, for fear that I might jinx it. Yes, I love this show.

Seriously, I love this show.

And I hope, hope and hope that this show will not get the axe. This is fresh and new, and for once we have a post modern comic book character portrayed perfectly within the television sphere.

OK enough fanboying.

Before I start the show’s topic I talk about THIS ARTICLE. How awesome is this?? I love the fact that now people can just pitch up and worship NORSE GODS.

OMG this is awesome. Of course I play Led Zeppelin’s the Immigrant Song and laugh for a million years whilst making shit up.

Hurray Norse Gods.

Enjoy the show




Pink Steampunk Girl





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Peace out and worship Odin,


Night Owls scientifically proven to be more Creative

I’m a night owl. I do my best work at night, usually after 2am. Sure, I don’t have a day job that requires me to get up early (thank god) and coming from a family of ‘traditional’ people with 9-5 jobs, it’s easy to make comparisons.

On the other hand, my job is not traditional and psychology backs this up. I’m not going to explain the circadian rhythm (but you can read this article here) because I am most certainly not an expert, but I do know from experience that when tired or fatigued, the brain tends to function more towards creativity.

Essentially, all our inhibitors, those little demons that compare your stuff to others’ and say it’s inferior – they shut up and fall asleep, leaving your brain free to wonder the various realms of consciousness.

Ironically enough this is the same effect we get when tipsy – which is why the literary world is full of notorious drunks. On the other hand, should you wish to refrain from drinking, the source article says that you should wear yourself down.

Of course, the article does not state what activities to pursue but if the alleged promiscuity of Dorothy Parker and the legendary, suggestive musings of Edgar Allen Poe are anything to go by, I’m sure you can fill in the blanks.

And besides, if you’re as neurotic about all the little details as I am, you con e sure to kiss your sleep goodbye. According to this article, if you don’t fall asleep within 15 minutes, get out of bed and do something relaxing.

In my case I could actually create a kinaesthetic leg workout since I would be getting out maybe twenty times per night.

The lack of dopamine in your head can actually be a great blessing. Suddenly you don’t care about the fact that you’re 3 months behind schedule or that you have yet to write that book you urgently need to publish later this year.

Leave such thoughts for the day, where you can methodically shut them down, or maybe actually solve them – usually depending on your disposition, ability and general sloth.

And for those amongst you who insist on being larks, well there’s hope for you too. Napping is a great way to declutter your brain. Afternoons are the best time for this, ideally later than noon but not after 2pm.

Of course you can always start catching up on your drinking early. It’s always evening somewhere, and what are we if not a global nation, aspiring to become one singular population? And besides, Irish coffee exists just to meet your morning alcoholic demands, with the caffeinated boost to jumpstart you brain (and your colon) into action.

Recently I’ve also been experimenting with meditation and Tai Chi. Not that there is much to experiment with. It’s quite binary really – either you do it or you don’t. I found that by putting myself in a ‘trance’ where I am repeatedly doing the same movement, my brain just stops being a nuisance by doing things like worry.

Incidentally I came across a technique during my years at University that I later found was scientifically proven to be one of the best methods not only to boost creativity but brain function in general. Before an exam, or whilst studying, I would lower the temperature of the room (slightly) and be just a little hungry (again, emphasis on little).

Those two conditions are ideal to push the limits that your brain can reach. There are many scientific theories why, but like all pretentious writers I have ventured my own. I actually think it’s evolutionary. Think about it – about how being cold and hungry was the bane of our caveman ancestors and that nature, or God or whatever you happen to believe in, gave us a survival trigger to make us better and sharper when those conditions are met and thereby ensuring the survival of the species.

After all, someone had to evolve and pollute the planet, whilst gawking at pictures of Uma Thurman on the Red Carpet (bdw can we outgrow this juvenile fetish with appearances and sensationalism? I understand some industries and more than a few people have built their lives on shaming other but seriously? Leave people alone!)

And if you read one of my books, the Pandora Chronicles, that idea of the brain going into a hyper state (again, scientifically proven) is what sparked the idea for the Select and Nick’s abilities.

So there you have it people: definite proof that night owls can stimulate better creativity. Of course nothing is set in stone and most of this is really generic. Creativity, in my opinion, is not something that can be quantified, but rather it is a semi-chemical and semi-etheral experience that we all go through. Now be it through a series of physiognomical changes or perhaps through some sort of Jungian collective consciousness, that is for time, evolution and higher powers to decide.

What about you? Do you agree with this premise or do you think it’s utter hogwash?

Are you a night owl or do your creative juices flow during the day? Let me know in the comments below and make sure to subscribe for further posts.




PS. If you would like to check out the book I mentioned above – The Pandora Chronicles – click on this link right here.

Episode 55: Get Him to the Greek


Welcome back to another episodes to the Lurking Voice Podcast. Today we discuss the movie Take Him to the Greek with Russell Brand and Jonah Hill.

This movie is genius. It has all the elements you would expect from a good movie – a simple plot that unravels deep secrets about the character and actors that are top notch.

The main theme of the movie is, in my opinion, achievement and peace of mind. Being successful is not necessarily being happy. As a fan of Russell Brand, I know he speaks about this during his performances but in the movie it’s portrayed in a less personal level.

The main character Aldous Snow is a rock star and clean for several years, until his latest song fails and his marriage breaks down. So he goes back into drugs and partying really hard. And Jonah Hill who plays his manager, has to try and spot him from 1. killing himself with an accidental overdose and 2. get him to the Greek theatre (see, the title is relevant).

I love the portrayal of addiction in this movie but I’ll try not to spoil anything for you. Suffice it to say that drugs play a large and comical role in this movie.

Ultimately it’s a movie about finding peace of mind and happiness. Aldous only grows as a person and comes out of his addiction when he finally realises that by making others happy, HE in turn is happy. And it is this realisation that also leads Jonah Hill’s character to repair his love life.

It’s a great movie with some very intelligent layers to it and it’s definitely one I would recommend to anyone who is either going through some hard times creatively or just trying to have a laugh.

Some more notes – the music in this movie (and the episode) are some of my favourite tracks. You should definitely check them out on Youtube.

Also, I start the podcast by talking about that sexual assault case a couple days ago, on a female Dominoes pizza delivery girl. Personally I find it revolting, not just as an act of crime but also as an act of indifference. The guy is a minor so he’ll be off an his merry way soon and it seems that everyone stopped making noise about this. We need to speak up people – because that’s the only way we will be heard.

This podcast also has the LONGEST RANT to date. It goes on for about a minute, non-stop. Good thing my breathing exercises are working. There’s a lot more rants but this particular one is towards the end about how men react to breakups.

This episode also had the most technical difficulties. My mic decide to go crazy and at one point electrocuted me. Seriously my finger is red and smells of BBQ.

Good thing I’m a vegetarian.




Pink Steampunk Girl





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