Just a pop

This post will be short and sweet – just like a pop. It’s not the usual “Ryan gets high on his own Carbon Dioxide and explains what’s up his ass in graphic and livid detail” post. That’s in a few days. 

Today I just want to draw your attention at a few things. 

1. Amber Syke Forbes. This talented dancing writer just released her debut novel When Stars Die. Romance, witches and burning nuns. Good times. 

Actually it’s a sweet romance about a young woman who discovers she’s a witch in an environment which resembles the bible-thumping witch-burning middle ages (or now if your think about it). Amber’s writing style is uniquely dark, emotional and poetic. It’s an emotional roller coaster what will leave you in tears and definitely wanting more.

It’s a  great read and you should check it out. 

Amber had some social media. Check her out. 





2. 2013: A Stellar Collection.

This baby is AEC Stellar’s first anthology, or better, a short story collection. It has a story from every genre by every writer (and introducing a few new ones) published by the company.

So if you like comedy, we got it.

Romance, we got it.

dark tragedy, we got it.

alien orgies (I kid you not), we got it.

Teenagers who become rabid werewolves as a wizard with a talking cat has to try and reason with it (Take a guess as to who wrote that one), we got it.

 military, we got it.

poetic, we got it.

a nice cover, we got it

Essentially, all you can think of – We got it.

So buy a copy won’t you? 

Click here

And if you read it and liked it (even just one story) leave a review. just a few words is all we ask. 

Pretty please? @@


3.  Dread Night.

This is a Halloween short story I wrote as part of the Legacy series. It’s funny and brash, crude and cat-tastic. 

You’ll love it. That’s why you should buy it for just .99c. 

Click here and You’ll be even more awesome than you already are.


4. Do you like free crap? 

Of course we like free crap. Free crap = good. 

So I’m doing a couple giveways of Firstborn, my debut novel and here’s how you can get a free copy of it before it even hits the shelves. 

– enter my raffle (here). 

– enter a very fun Halloween costume contest hosted by my friend and talented author Collin Landis aka Strangities. My book is part of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize packages.

Check it out


That’s all folks. Make sure to keep an eye on my Facebook and Twitter @enkousama.

Oh and this blog. Duh.

Peace out.

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