Cover Reveal

Ok Let’s do a check:

Donuts in my stomach – check.

Soft drink which if you believe the 70’s may have been spiked with cocaine – check.

OK I think we’re ready to roll.

Ladies and Gents, the day has come, the hour upon us, the clock striking the hour with the fervency of a coked up dude trying to press a TV remote.

It is time for the cover reveal.

First off I apologize for being late (not in the pregnant way, but I do enjoy peeing on sticks). I was lathering my self up in the shower because in my head, I had to pretty myself up for you. Of course I could be sitting here with a beard and a sundress and you wouldn’t know any better.

But look:


(Look at the puppy. Or the dolphin. Seriously what animal do I look like?)

But I digress.

The first order of business is The Raffle. (Just setting the mood)

The winner, OF . . . a brand-spanking-new (love that phrase) digital copy of Firstborn – Book 1 of the Legacy series by Moi



Cassandra Loskot


Thank you to all the participants – you are wonderful people and you are more awesome than you know. In fact, pick a number, multiply it by the age of the sun and the add as many zeros as your age and the resulting number would be your awesomeness level.

Note. Goku only has over 9000. So there.

(Get on with it, Ryan)

So thank you everyone. Cassandra, I will email you shortly to give you your present (Maybe a little something extra too *wiggle eyes*)

Be quiet Voice. Have some class.

And speaking of class, it’s time for that cover reveal.


(dramatic pause)

firstborn front image

(awesome am I right?)

OK first things first (that’s why they are called first things).

The cover was done by the talented Viola Estrella ( She’s extremely talented, having whipped up that beauty in no time. Hats off Madam Estrella.

So about the book.

There’s a war raging between the forces of Heaven and
Hell; and, as if he didn’t have enough to deal with from his
own issues, his sister has chosen the wrong side.
Continue following the misadventures of Eric Ashendale in
this first full length novel of The Legacy Series, due to be
released in December of 2013.

This book represents the past 3 years of my life. There are at least 3 other posts on this site about how I quit everything and became a full time author so I’m not gonna go into it now. That’ll make this post twice as late.

But what I can say is that it is an Urban fiction paranormal thriller, with heavy doses of in-your-face humor and epic fight scenes. ( I grew up with the Power Rangers; what did you expect?)

The Legacy series is more or less 13 books in length and, yes, being a plotter I do have them all outlined and ready. I also am a very lazy author so everything I write I tend to recycle over and over again (until I kill them off – hehehe). I’m trying to hint that in this book I give a huge hint as to who the villain at the end of the series is but so far no one has come close to guessing.

I suppose you guys just have to read the novels.

For those of you who want a taste of the Legacy universe, Dread Night can be purchased here and for this week (Halloween) IT’S FREE.

So go get it. There’s a comment on my facebook page where someone said they read Dread Night and are waiting anxiously for the book to come out. So this short story is quiet literally a turn on. (OOOOO, You had to go there)

Also; the 2013: A Stellar Collection anthology has Big Wolf on Campus in it by yours truly.

Both stories are set before the events of Firstborn (so no spoilers, don’t worry, I’m a pro – yeah right) but give the reader a glimpse into the universe and characters.

So before I leave and try to catch some freakin’ sleep for the first time in 2 days, I shall leave you with this gem:

The Author’s Note from Firstborn.

Enjoy and judge at your discretion.

As an avid reader of fantasy and fiction books, Ryan got tired of waiting for his favorite authors to publish their next novels and decided to simply entertain himself instead. He would then spend the next 3 years learning in excruciating detail how come it takes authors such a long time to write a book that they can live with.
Ryan lives on a tiny island, sometimes not even shown on maps, where his only friends are animated drawings and disembodied voices. And since everything in the outside world is boring to him, he took a journey inwards with some of his own made up characters.
Enter the Legacy Series, a story about a cursed wizard with a huge magical handicap, a talking demonic cat and an evil twin sister as they save the world from evil in its various forms.
The name Firstborn has a quintuple meaning: Erik is a firstborn son, the main villain is considered a firstborn in biblical terms, the book is the first of the series and it is also Ryan’s first ever book. There is also another meaning but he cannot reveal it without divulging a secret which would unravel the end of the series.
According to his colleagues, manager and whip-bearer, Ryan is horribly addicted to what he does. He writes and writes and writes; sometimes forgetting to do those silly things like eat or sleep. Sometimes he looks up and wonders where last night’s starry skies have gone and why are there so many people walking on the street. Sometimes he deludes himself into taking a break, by going to a movie or listening to an album – but when he does, he is watching and listening, absorbing ideas and inspirations. Sometimes he even watches you, waiting in the shadows, in darkest recesses of your mind.
Ryan would like to declare that he should not be taken seriously. He is one of those annoying and slightly insane people who have conversations with wisps of air and write their Author’s Note in the third person.


Smell y’all later,

The One Not to be Taken Seriously

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  1. Your book sounds amazing! I look forward to reading it. I also took you up on your offer and downloaded Dread Night.

  2. LMAO Good one mate!
    Can’t wait.
    Slam you later (this week)
    (you know what I mean)


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