All ’em jitters

Hello again and welcome to my usual weekly blog post where I try to keep it short and to the point but fail miserably.

(Holy shit that was a beautiful lightning flash) Sorry guys, I’m writing this on my windowsill as a storm is going full force in front of me. Which is exactly the opposite of how I feel.

Right now I am the eye of storm – calm but you know that it’s all gonna blow up soon.

I’m back to writing again, having overcome the slight down I had after the book was done. In part, the response I got back from betas, reviewers and the folks who bought 2013: A Stellar Collection as well as Dread Night. So far everyone has been supportive and kind in their feedback and I am so grateful to everyone.

I promise you guys to work harder and entertain you even more with further stories. Seeing a response like that does wonders for your resolve.

So where I’m at right now?

I find my calendar filling up with things like “Interview posted on the 20th” or “Firstborn release date” – which happens to be 13th December.


Perhaps it’s a good thing I’m not superstitious. Or maybe that I am in my own way. I think because I’m so unlucky in every other aspect of my life that I sort of funnel my luck into one aspect of my life like a kid whacking a pinata. I find myself having great mood swings on days where everyone else is either depressed or just shaky.

I’m weird. Or some modern nerdy rendition of Satan. Although now that I think about it, the devil has way better tool at his disposal than some scrawny idiot with no social life, with an addiction to coffee and chocolate, a fixation with star wars and makes a living writing about fictional characters he creates because clearly no one likes him and uses way too many dick jokes to cover up the pain inside.

OK I heard it too – I’m just weird.

so what am I up to now?

I’m currently prepping the second book of Legacy to go to the publishers and editors where they can tear it apart and work their magic. I’m also (hopefully) soon done with the first book in my new series the Pandora Chronicles. I think those two book are a priority for next year although there’s nothing on paper yet (and that’s where it matters unfortunately). I’m also trying out 2 new projects one of which is a group of short stories released as serialized fiction. I have the pilot complete and am working on the first arc but since it’s less words, I find it ironically harder. The other thing I’m trying is writing a script – I’ve always been involved in acting and drama and the whole theater thing. I get most of my ideas from tv shows and music – it was only a matter of time before I went about it the other way and gave instead of taking.

But this is my time to relax. I’m vegging out double time and only doing minimalist work i.e. only editing and proofreading or writing without a deadline (Yes the deadline makes all the difference). It’s easy to loose perspective what with all the business-work any artist has to put in if they want to succeed in their work. So, I’m going back to my roots if you will. I find that a healthy dose of grounding is essential after every bout of marketing. That, more than anything, has helped keep the jitters away. I mean, sure they are inevitable – I’m only human. But I suppose I learnt the hard way how to prepare myself for those bouts of crippling depression which make you wanna fade away in your sleep. I find that people who had to fight and bleed for everything they have tend to mature fast. And one advantage of not being materialistic is that we tend to appreciate the moments that really matter.

I think that’s all for this week folks. Remember that Dread Night is free right now (Until tomorrow I think). So do yourselves a favor and get that (as well as 2013: A Stellar collection).

And do me (and every author out there) a huge favor and leave a review.

Cheers, (Happy Dia de los Muertos)

Me. The Weird Guy.

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