Party, Prizes and Personalities

This is just a not-so-quick word about AEC Stellar’s Ebook Extravaganza happening tomorrow on Facebook at this location:

The time is 6-9 PM CDT. (For me who’s on European time that translates to ‘very fucking late’).

What’s an Ebook Extravaganza I hear you ask?

This is an online party where guests such as yourselves are free to join in on the various activities and such, all with prizes to win.

I am told that one of the prizes is a KINDLE PAPERWHITE. Aren’t we just awesome?

Of course there will be giveways of books, some of the books will be cheaper than usual and anything else the authors will think of.

I myself, will be planning something special. If I am allowed to, I will be asking a question (this one I’ve thought long and hard about) and those who get the right answer will be featured in books 2 or 3 of the Legacy Series. You won’t be a main character or a sidekick or anything important, but we do have a shortage of innocent bystanders to maim and kill and YOU could be the lucky one.

So if you want to die somewhere in the Legacy Series, visit this link and join the fun.

(It occurs to me that the promise of certain death is not how one attracts people to a party, but what the fuck do I know? I’m a shut-in)

And finally, the piece de resistance (that’s french for ‘awesome crap’):

This live party will have LIVE INTERVIEWS.

Yes, you heard (isn’t it read me in this case) me. LIVE INTERVIEWS.

That means that you guys get to see me make a complete fool of myself, live for your entertainment.

(I believe it was Sorin who told me that we’re in the ‘whoring’ phase of our careers – well, time to suit up and get that lubricant, I suppose. . . . . For those of you who can’t get that image out of their heads, bear in mind that a bunch of us authors just had a conversation about tentacle porn earlier this week.)

The schedule of live interviews, and a much better blog about this event by a much prettier person than myself, can be found on Shannon’s blog.


So to sum up – we got giveways, prizes (KINDLE FREAKIN PAPERWHITE), live interviews, us authors answering all questions and providing info, and some of you will be mentioned in Legacy.

Hope to see you guys there, cos I’m psyched to meet y’all (these Americans are influencing me)


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6 comments on “Party, Prizes and Personalities
  1. Sorin Suciu says:

    We’ll get through this together 🙂

  2. Darkly says:

    Because of you I googled tentacle porn.


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