It’s ALIVE!!!!!

All right boys and girls. We got a few things to cover today, so let’s get crackin’.

First off – Launch party, yesterday. It was a blast – authors spilling behind the scenes info, a bunch of cool prizes (mostly books and a Freakin’ Paperwhite Kindle) and a healthy dose of tentacle porn humor from an author whose name shall only be spoken in hushed tones in the dead of night.

Sincerely though, I cannot thank you enough for the laughter, the support and the smiles. I feel like I’ve made dozens of new friends and this kind of energy is exactly what inspires me to write better for all you guys. All I can do is promise you better, cooler stories for your enjoyment. Last night was humbling to someone like me who started off with nothing but a crazy idea, to see such a response and so much enthusiasm. Thank you so much.

Today is the day my career with AEC Stellar is born in many ways. It’s been a transcending week. I actually had my university graduation last Tuesday where I put on a black toga that completely enveloped me (I’m small, you guys) and wore the square hat. Who the hell decided that we should symbolize intellect by putting fucking squares on our heads? Is this some Roman practical joke?

But my point is, that chapter of my life is over and today (yesterday actually) it’s the start of an author’s career.

To this point I would like to direct you here:

Firstborn is up and running, ready to be caressed by your fingers as you soak in the story with all it’s funny lines, pulse pounding action and sometimes over-the-top situations. This book signifies the past 3 years of my life, and nothing would make me happier than to have you read it and enjoy it. (Maybe leave a review?)

If you haven’t already, check out my Facebook page, stalk me on @enkousama and leave comments on this blog. I love interacting with you people – any artist should value that part of the job.

Also AEC Stellar was kind enough to organize a launch party for me. Attend here. I promise you even more late night Red Bull- enhanced fun with all the music, dirty jokes and insider secrets you desire.


Till next time guys,


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2 comments on “It’s ALIVE!!!!!
  1. Sorin Suciu says:

    Good luck, Ryan! You’ll go far 🙂

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