When Stars Die: why you should read this book

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OK onto the rest of the post. Today I wanted to talk to you about a certain book entitled When Stars Die, written by fellow AEC Stellar member Amber Forbes.

Here’s the cover:


See how pretty that is? Those green eyes, man.

OK come back here Ryan.

So, I was asked to review this book way back and I didn’t wanna do it – because this is romance and SO out of my comfort zone. But a few weeks ago I decided to give it another shot and boy was it worthwhile.

So here’s my official review on amazon and the rest:

This story is a roller coaster of emotion and some very dark themes, coupled with fantasy fire fighting (who doesn’t like that?) and intricate language. The setting reminds me of a dystopia mashed with urban fantasy, with well built characters and some unique personalities. We later find out why certain characters act the way they do, but I’m not going to spoil anything.

One point that I like as a writer myself is the world-building here, specifically the Shadowmen characters. It’s been ages since I read about a species that worked so well with the titular species of the main character: witches. It shows that Forbes didn’t just throw this book together, but spent months, possibly years planning this story. It paid off, and I would recommend this novel to anyone who enjoys quality literature.

I would also like the add that the ending is one of the most controversial and difficult endings to pull off in literature. The fact that Amber managed this, made it look easy, and left me waiting impatiently for the sequel, is testimony of this author’s talent.”

I gave it 4 stars.

And I have to justify that – I gave it 4 stars because of the genre. I don’t like the genre, so I had no baseline with which to compare the material. I had to force myself to keep reading this on particular chapter, simply because it was very emotional and I just don’t like that. So the mere fact that it was romance prevented me from giving it a full 5 star.

Cos here’s the thing: I’m not gonna give something 5 stars simply because I know the person. That’s just unprofessional.

However I am not willing to rate something that is less than 3 stars. There’s this thing called an average rating and I’m not going to be the one that shits on it simply because I can’t read a tagline or a few key words.

So if I’m gonna review something, it’s gonna be more than 3 stars, but it will be an honest review.

When Stars Die had some very good points which earned it a 4 star review. But I’m not gonna write them down. Instead I’m gonna TELL you.

Just an addendum to that. I did finish the book, and it turns out that the last 2 chapters I had left where THE MOST AWESOME BITS IN THE ENTIRE DAMN THING.

I can’t spoil the ending – but I can say this: it’s a very difficult move to pull off, one that is highly criticized and can very easily go wring. Amber pulled it off marvelously and just blow my mind.

I don’t say this about a lot of author but I do think, after reading that, that Amber has what it takes to be a Best Selling Author. I don’t know if that will happen with this book, but I know it will happen someday.

Amber is a great gal and you can find her on Facebook, Twitter, her Blog and site.

I think that about wraps things up. Let me know if you like the new voice – writing format, or if I should make up my mind and just stick to one.

Great job Amber, can’t wait for the next one.

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OK. We’re leaving now.

Till next time folks,

Peace out.

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