Going Postal

Hey Folks, today we’re flipping the table a little bit.

Well not literally, since I have no upper body strength to speak off (but I do have lower body strength . . . hear that, ladies?)

Today’s post has nothing to do with writing, for a change. Instead I go into an elaborate rant (35 mins) about the post office which happened to wake me up very early.

Then I critique some franchises, and express my anxiety with branching out into script writing.

The whole thing starts off somewhat mellow, but around the ten minute mark the coffee kicks in and the rage begins to seethe.

15 minutes in – I have to deal with a post office dude who woke me up and had the audacity to be angry and left the gate open.

Uh uh, dude.

Not happening.

After the rant, I go into an existential crisis, partly out of guilt and partly out of rage. (BDW the way I’m looking for is “considerate” but I couldn’t remember it)

Then I get somewhat physical with the idea of a paperback novel and talk about my two online courses which I’m taking. One of which is script-writing.

And I talk about my apprehension with branching out.

Dreams and ideas come up (as well as author Shannon Thompson – whose the only other dreamwhisperer I know), as well as Marvel Villains.

As for my comment about AEC Stellar – I just received confirmation today (although I can’t share anything because it’s intellectual property and I have a shock collar around me) that AEC is my best choice for the seconds series. They are pros, I truly believe that. I think I was lucky enough to stumble into people who know what they are doing and I wanna stick with them.

Towards the end, I forget that I opened the show with a promo so I kinda repeat it (whoopsie – sorry).

Then I run out of steam, the coffee dies, I hit a wave of beautiful poetry, comment on it and make it shit, . .

and then I kill the show very awkwardly (as one should end things)

(I may have some editing issues here, but I’m using you as Guinea pigs. If you detect anything just let me know)


PS – sorry for the cheesy title (but you really should have seen this coming)

PSS – my accent is annoying. I may need some getting used to.

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