Snowflakes and Storytelling

Today I talk about the Snowflake Method, a system of progressive writing that starts off with that dreaded one line description and evolves into a how-many-thousands-of-words novel.

You can find the full list here at their website.

However, me, being the guy who can never follow a single bloody rule in his life even if to save his own sorry ass, often find myself using a deviation (i.e. shortened) version of the Snowflake Method. It is essentially the same thing, but I’m an eternal rebel so I take what I can get.

Here’s a brief list (in my own words, so don’t get on my ass) of the methodology:

1. sentence summary

2. paragraph

3. character storyline

4. large-scale novel structure

5. page description of characters

6. 4 page novel synopsis

7. character charts

8. list of scenes

9. paragraph for each of the scenes

10. first draft

As you can tell, this doesn’t happen in a week. Just the planning takes months. So I use a shortened version:


-list of scenes

-add more scenes using ‘muse triggers’ (I explain what these are towards the end of part one)

– plot points

– novel-pounding time

See? quick and dirty (just the way I like it)

But enough of this. Here is me talking for 20 mins (a bit less cos I like you and my voice is torture) about the Snowflake Method and my variation.

But wait, there’s more.

Part 2 of this post deal with Script Writing and how the Snowflake Method applies to it too.

There are only 3 stages to writing a script:

– synopsis



But I also talk about the minute differences that the writer has to keep in mind when writing something for TV. I’m not sure if it’s remnant anxiety or perhaps intuitive observation on my part, but the final part of this recording goes into a comparison in the technicality of scene setting, character profiles and even budget talk.

And because I’ve already submitted you to torture and am feeling particularly lenient today, Part 2 is only 9 minutes long.



thank you for listening. Tune in again next week.

I think it’s time for a funny one again, what do you think?


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