Interview with Shannon Thompson

OK fair warning. This is the longest show yet – a little below 2 hours. So plug your earbuds and multitask, and prepare to laugh your ass off.

My guest today is Shannon Thompson, boss-lady of AEC Stellar and author of November Snow, The Timely Death Trilogy (One and Two)  and a whole load of poetry.

Now, I’m not gonna spoil anything, but Shannon is one of those pure artistic souls with a dark side (Darth Shannon) and we talked about everything. And I mean everything.

I was caught off-guard when the interview took place 3 hours before it was scheduled, so no prep whatsoever. I end up examining Shannon’s brain, only to find both a lovely girl who enjoys playing with herself (that is ad verbatum from the interview) and a steadfast woman ready to take over the world, one word at a time.

For the first 20 minutes of the show I talk about something or other that concerns me:

-a family party I had to attend and the rude girl I met there,

-the accidental dance class I took on Monday and

-the episode of Back Porch Writer I partook in, again with no preparation whatsoever.

I would also like to clarify that the art and cover issues have been resolved for now and we can progress with getting Birthright out to you guys.

But enough about me: you guys are here to hear Shannon talk and here she is.


PS. Do not be intimidated by the weird intro voice – it’s done on purpose (and it’s supposed to be Jeremy Irons. Yeah, I failed)



Rapid Fire

Blue Stahli

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14 comments on “Interview with Shannon Thompson
  1. I just sat at work and listened to all of this. Ryan you crack me up and I must say, your Vampire voice was naturally spot-on. I thought you did a good interview and it was interesting to see another (audible) side of Shannon and yourself. I did agree with the comment on Ryan Reynold’s even though I am a huge GL fan, that movie should have never been made…sadly. Shannon, I have seen Battle Royale, the first Hunger Games type movie. Looking forward to catching up on other podcasts and if I get writer’s block, well Denver is only a few hours away.

    • enkousama says:

      Cheers man, I’m glad you enjoyed it. I clearly put in a lot of effort to get a reaction out of Shannon, and the Bella Lugosi voice I threw out at random got the best response.
      Happy listening 🙂

  2. Sorin Suciu says:

    This is incredibly long, and absolutely awesome!
    (yeah I know, that’s what she said)

  3. Haha Sorin! I guess we’re a couple of chatter boxes. Had a great time, Ryan!

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  8. Sandromache says:

    It is so weird and cute hearing Shannon curse. This was hilarious. I can’t wait to listen to more!

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