Episode 18: Sorin Suciu

Today I interview humor fantasy author Sorin Suciu, so prepare to have your mind blow and your funny-bone tickled.

This guy is one of the funniest authors out there. He’s a true artist and something of a reclusive genius, and I’ve had the pleasure of being introduced to his debut novel The Scriptlings, when my manager dumped the novel in my inbox and asked for my opinion.

Here’s what I told him: “Holy shit . . . hahahahaha . . . This is so cool . . . hahahaha . . . who is this guy? Hahahaha . . . I need to pee.”

I may be paraphrasing.

This interview went smooth and sailing, and I’ve been willing to talk to this guy since the inception of the show.

Here’s a rundown of what I blab about:

– Me and my problems, then I ask you to go buy The Scriptlings (which is SOOOOO worth your while)

– Then I thank you all for my amazon rating. Seriously, thank you. I have no words to properly describe my gratitude, but that doesn’t stop me from trying on the podcast.

– then the show starts and it’s pretty self explanatory.


PS. Sorin is Romanian, so I thought it would be funny to do the intro in my Dracula voice. So sorry, vampires and Eastern European peeps.


Here’s the show:



Rapid Fire

Blue Stahli


Best quote of the show – “Milk me Ryan, milk me.”

This is my job people. My fucking job.


Stalk Sorin on Facebook, and check out The Scriptlings on Amazon.

Garrett Robinson (sorry dude for massacring your name in the intro) has done some interviews and reviews of this book.

And you gotta check out THIS VIDEO.

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7 comments on “Episode 18: Sorin Suciu
  1. Jonas Lee says:

    Reblogged this on Jonas Lee's Imaginarium and commented:
    This traditional Thursday, I am actually providing a two-for-one. Ryan Attard is a writer, blogger and podcaster I have come to enjoy. He has humor I can enjoy and make sure to strap in tight during podcasts as the topics come up from anywhere his mind chooses to travel. Humor is never far away, so give him a listen and follow him. His podcast in this blog is an interview with another author, Sorin Suciu who is equally hilarious. Thank me later.

  2. You should really have your Radio show. 😀

  3. Sorin Suciu says:

    Thank you so much, Ryan, for the wonderful and totally undeserved introduction! And thank you for bearing with me for over an hour and for being such a wonderful host!
    Just thought I’d mention, my career is in no way secret (that’s what LinkedIn is for, after all). I just prefer to keep my two loves (work and literature) separated 🙂

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