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Just in case you missed it here’s the cover of my upcoming novel Birthright again:

Birthright 2

Here’s the link to the post I wrote for Monday’s cover release.

Today I wanna talk to you about free stuff. You like free stuff right? Who doesn’t like free stuff.

If you listen to my podcast you know that I like my marketing to be friendly and based on relationships with the reader rather than spamming your inbox with crap you’re gonna delete before reading.

That said, I do have a marketing strategy that I am using right now and that I will podcast and blog about extensively. However my biggest tool in the shed for this release is Hammer Time.

What is Hammer Time Ryan? Did you finally crack and started dancing to the 80’s classic?

Yes but that’s not the point.

Hammer Time is a FREE SHORT STORY – the story of how Erik got his office. It was originally going to be part of the book but it didn’t really fit, so I revamped it into a stand alone story, made it funny as fuck and plan to give it to you FOR FREE.

How do we get this free short story I hear you ask?

Well, that, boys and girls, is the fun part.

All you have to do is review Birthright and email me the link to that review on Then via the magic of the internet I will reply back with a thank you and a copy of Hammer Time.

That’s it. No strings, no bullshit. A review for a bonus short story – a simple thank you from my part for your purchase and the time you spent reading my work.

Will I sign you up for a mailing list? NO

Will I spam your inbox? NO

Will I try to sell you Viagra? FUCK NO

You email me the link and I reply with the story – as simple as that.


OK so let’s recap:

Step 1. Purchase and Read Birthright (It would also help if you read Firstborn too)

Step 2. Review Birthright (anywhere you want)

Step 3. Email me the link to your review at

Step 4. Open an email from me and download your free copy of Hammer Time

Step 5. Read Hammer Time

The End.

Got it? OK you got it.

See you all tomorrow for the Release Party. Birthright is coming at you in less than 24 hours!!

Peace out,


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