Episode 26: Rick Karlsruher and Noveltunity


Today’s guest is a whirlwind of adventure. Talking to him was like sitting in a 50’s bar, listening to a master raconteur telling his life story, to a mesmerized audience. I don’t usually do extensive research on my guests beforehand and in this case, I am very glad about that, since I could enjoy the fill Rick-Life Story experience.

We talked about his life – from the time he wrote a screenplay and accidentally harassed Dick Martin into reviewing it, and getting the comedian in his corner. He would have produced the play had it not been from that one benefactor that was being chased by the IRS.

Following that Rick found himself in the company of scam artist, with whom he toured South Africa to play music with black people and rid the nation of apartheid. The trip ended badly when Rick ran to the American Embassy for safety, thinking he was going to be arrested.

Once he got back home, he finds his girlfriend had left him flat broke. Cherry on the cake: she sells his original custom made golf clubs for a pittance.

Meanwhile Rick was busy compiling his life in a memoir which spent a sojourn at the top 10 list on Smashwords. He tried getting an agent and a publisher, only to be told that he needs a platform. Adamant to have his way, Rick funds Noveltunity, a platform building website, with the model of book club, where readers vote for the books they want to read, as opposed to having an algorithm tell them what they should be reading.

Don’t believe me? Check out our conversation:



Now I have a question – after listening to Rick’s life story, how awesome is your life be comparison?

I choose to take two things form today’s episode:

1. NEVER go to South Africa with a scam artist, or take money for a screenplay in cash, or leave your gold-digging girlfriend with your expensive golf clubs.

2. Life is short. Live to the fullest. CARPE-fucking-DIEM.



July 24, 7-9 Central, AEC Stellar will have it’s Mystery Launch Party. Be there, win stuff. Some of it may be my stuff.

Should you visit Noveltunity (and you should), enter the code AESNOV30 for a 40% discount. Don’t forget to email Rick at rick@noveltunity.com for questions, concerns or to submit your work to this awesome platform

That’s all folks.

Peace out, stay cool,


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