Shark Jumping



Today’s phrase of the week is “Jumping the Shark.”

(Hey I didn’t know we were doing this phrase of the week thing. Little heads up next time)

(We are in his head you idiot)

Dude! I’m trying to work here!

As many of you know I’m not from the US, which makes my knowledge of American idioms somewhat lacking, often to the point where my editors are like “What the fuck does this even mean?” in big red circles like a 70’s schoolteacher on meth.

Turns out that jumping the shark has no actual relation to sharks or jumping (what the shit???!!!). No seriously, it’s just a phrase that indicates the moment or scene when something begins it’s decline (oh you mean like this post?).

But the best part is that usually jumping the shark refers to a climactic scene designed specifically to capture the audience’s attention because they don’t have anything worthy to show you. (For more information, please tune into the E! Network and watch Kim take a trip down south – ironically whilst holding a little person named North. Who writes this shit??!)

So I researched this subject in depth, spending a full ten minutes on Wikipedia (hurray for educational system) and found out this all started when Fonzie (yes, THE Fonz) literally jumped over a shark – WHILST WEARING WATER SKIS.


So why am I getting all hyped up about this? Well, excuse me for being excited to learn! I am a huge fan of sharks and jumping and will of course include this in one of my stories (In book 3 Erik will jump off a whale – does that count?).

Perhaps I will one day coin certain terms like “fondling the dragon” or “Pissing in the abyss” or “HOLY CRAP ON A CRACKER THAT THE CAT FUCKING DRAGGED IN WHILST WEARING JUMP SHORTS WITH A PICTURE OF SHARK ON IT THAT SAYS “EAT ME, BITCH.”

You know, the stuff that would make grandma proud. . .  *sigh*

(Yo shall we end this travesty?)

(Yeah, let’s go watch some Fridge Nuking)

(Oh yeah I totally forgot about that one)

(Well it’s your fault for not including it. We’re done now, so suck it)

(Hey take it easy on us)

Sorry – internal affairs. . . hehe, get it?

OK I’m done. Peace out. (Do the lizard thing. Promote motherfucker)

Oh yeah. Follow the lizard,






(We done?) (Yeah I think so) (Wow, we did jump the shark with this one) (Hang on, watch this)
Disclaimer: No actual sharks were harmed during the making of this post. They are all leading a wonderful life, doing sharky things. Everyone wins - except Ryan. Dude's fucked up.
(Awesome. OK we’re done now.)
(Great. . . . Hello? . . . ah, shit)
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2 comments on “Shark Jumping
  1. Hey, Ryan! Just a couple of things, knowing you “live across the pond”. (Where did THAT phrase come from? Calling the ocean a pond?)

    So, in the episode of “Happy Days” you mentioned, you forgot the most important item: The “Fonzie” signature leather jacket. He even wears it during water sports.

    As for the actual topic, “jumping sharks”, I have never heard that. But then again, I don’t get out much, don’t watch commercial TV (I hate commercials; they are not like when I sang to the jingles as a child. Now, they kind of take every opportunity to insult peoples intelligence.), and do not see the fascination with the so-called “Shark Week”. I’m not even sure I like sharks. (“Jaws” not included in the dubious shark-liking.)
    [[ By the way, love the use of parentheses to argue with yourselves. ]]

    Also, there’s a typo in your disclaimer. ” They are all leading a wonderful live…” Should be, I do believe, “life”.
    No biggie; I just got a new follower on my new post, and found one in there. The post has been out since the 12th. How many people do you think saw that a person who touts himself an Author would publish a post with an actual typo? Didn’t the idiot even proof it before hitting that button?

    Thanks for this interesting addition to your funky (in a good way) blog!


    • enkousama says:

      Yes, that leather jacket is like his skin or something. Glad you liked it man. (You can always help out by reblogging or just sharing it – if you know people who might enjoy this insanity.)

      And thanks for pointing out the typo – yeah, that’s pretty embarrassing but hey, that’s why we have editors right? And yes I have found a way to lock my insane voices within brackets. Although there’s no telling when they would pop out like the Joker and make a mess of things.

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