Episode 41: The Pandora Chronicles


By the time you read this the countdown to the book release will either be very close to ending or the end will have arrived – and Cthulhu will come and eat our faces off.

And since I’m a diva with a huge ego, I decided to further elaborate on last Tuesday’s Cover Reveal. Essentially I talk about what you can expect in terms of plot development, characters and future plans for the series.

You’ll notice a lot (and I mean A LOT) of 90’s TV shows which is where I got most of the inspiration for Nick Solomon and some of the setting for the Pandora books.

I also play 70’s rock classics and awesomely enough Poison by Alice Cooper underlines today’s ad reads. Which is so poetic I can’t even describe. I also get to play one of my favorite Celldweller songs ever: Shut Em Down.

There are no spoilers – not that I can be trusted, but I did try my hardest, because I have to make a living.

Enjoy this episode, and thank you so much for your support. Those reviews, man – you guys are so awesome, I can’t believe I’m so lucky. And clearly I am nervous in this episode because, well, it dawned on me that I have to public speak and I guess it’s normal to get nervous.

I also promise you to release some chapters of the next book out in advance if I get like 100 reviews or something. Guess we’ll figure something out, but my point is I wanna reward you guys.

Sounds good?





Pink Steampunk Girl






– 1. If you can get tickets, come see me at the Malta Comics Expo from Friday 31st through November 2nd.

– 2. If you like the podcast make sure to download the app, either from Amazon or iTunes. Just type in ‘The Lurking Voice Podcast’ and your life will be so much better!!

– 3. Here’s a link to the Strangities Halloween Party. Check it out.

See you all at the Release Party tonight,


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