Episode 44: Interview with Ron Marz and Yanick Paquette


Second panel of the Expo folks, and this one is interesting to listen to. Let me open by saying I had, and still have, no idea what these people do. Sure we talk about their contributions and their methods but I suppose I’m not a die hard comic fan – which is exactly what made me perfect for this interview.

No fan booing, no fun fair. Just a conversation. And that’s just the way I like it.

I’m not gonna give you any spoilers but I do manage to achieve what I set out to do: which is to compare different art forms and discover some common ground. And in that regard we succeeded.

But what I did not count on was the fact that these folks are from a different world – a world long dominated by big corporations and methods that for a long time were the ONLY option for any creative person. And as such they are trained to see the world as just that – simply because they were ‘brought up’ in that world.

I’m not saying I’m right and they are wrong. I’m not even saying I’m wrong and they are right. All I’m saying is that we have different viewpoints of the world and the way we do things and that they were having a hard time understanding where I came from.

And that’s fine, really. We can just agree to disagree.

Enjoy the interview folks:




Pink Steampunk Girl





PS. I know I sound exhausted. It’s been a rough week and I got a crap load more work to do before I can finally say I am done. But I promised you guys stories and I will deliver – or die trying.

Yeah, there’s always that chance.

Till next time folks,


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