Episode 48: Have a Hobbity Christmas


Happy Christmas, or whatever holiday you celebrate, to all my fans, to those wonderful people who read my novels and those other insane folks who listen to my podcast – hope you guys are having a wonderful day.

As for how I’m spending the holidays, I decided to challenge myself to a candy eating contest on a daily basis and see if either my stomach or my heart gives out first. More candy required.

I also watched the last Hobbit movie, which is what I talk about during the show.

That, and a lot of AC/DC music. Hey, it’s Christmas. It can’t be worse than the orangutang story I talked about, or the rant I went on about things ending in 2014. I’m writing a blog about that.

But that’s a story for another time.

In the meantime, the stories I have are all available on amazon and will make wonderful last-minute gifts. After all, all you need is one click.

(And the shameless promotion award goes to. . )

Here’s the show folks:




Pink Steampunk Girl





P.S.  You may have noticed we flipped the schedule a little this week. The same goes for next week. I figured most of you would have a life.

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