Episode 49: Curtain Call 2014


Not the easiest episode to record. For one thing I’m running on fumes. For another, it was emotional. Not sure how much of that emotion was conveyed but it was hard for me to speak because of the sheer melancholy of this episode.

Endings are never easy. Today on the show I discuss several books, TV shows, cartoons, anime and manga that have concluded in the year 2014. But there is more to it than just a list. This is stuff that inspired me, stuff that I relied on to pick me up if I had a bad week, or  a good one. This are the works that inspired me to start my own.

For those of you following other AEC stellar authors, you know by now that the publishing house is shutting down.

Yep. I’m out of a publisher, back to square one. Or so was the first thought in my head.

But now that I can look at it post shock, I can see that I have acquired all the skills needed to survive in this world I inhabit. It’s not really “back to square one” – this is a setback, an obstacle.

One of many, I assure you.

There are plans in motion, and the books are still available for purchase. And as my loyal fans, I will make sure to keep you abreast of any new developments.

And as a professional author, I do have to keep my commitments to you – so YES, you will get sequels and new books in 2015.

Endings are not necessarily a bad thing – after all that is the only way new things can arise.





Pink Steampunk Girl





We will meet again next year on the 8th.

Till then, a fond adieu to all,


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