Episode 50: A Lurking Voice Anniversary


Hello people and welcome to 2015. And in keeping true with the fashion of the show, I forgot my own anniversary.

Yep, this podcast has been going on for one full year – and honestly, it’s a wonder we made it this far. Mostly cos I was excepting the Feds to show up at my door at any time, or maybe some of you would take up arms like that scene in Frankenstein.

But here we are, the first show of the year. No topic, no structure – just rants. I guess I’m still recovering from a lot of things: my publisher going under, not writing everyday, the fact that I’ve eaten some much crap over the holidays I don’t even wanna think about cake for the next month or so. Naturally, the first ten minutes of the show are slow and somewhat sluggish.

And then the magic happens.

In this episode I basically talk (rant) about all that’s on my mind (except my publisher because I cannot talk about any developments just yet). Here’s a rundown of the topics:

– I compare the current temperature to that of the planet Uranus, and come up with a brand new word: “Uranal”. Let the Oxford Dictionary figure that one out.

– I made some resolutions. Not the sappy crap. This is philosophical stuff, people. (with some sappy crap as toppings)

– travelling and entertaining yourself (feel free to draw up your own conclusion but the rant is fun)

– Shuffling. Picture this: New Years Eve, me, brown suit, dance floor, shuffling to Party Rock Anthem. with an audience. (And no, not drunk nor high)

– I took a trip to Gozo and once again complain about the food. The rant ends with the phrase “shitting magma”.

– and to garner some sympathy points, I lug one rant on the other as I talk about the Interview. (and the moronic story Sony wants us to swallow in addition to the Interview).

– Shit gets serious now. I’ve been wanting to talk about Leelah Alcorn, the transgender teen who killed herself during the holidays. I don’t usually talk about grim stuff like that unless it’s directly correlated to the theme of the show, but this HAD to be mentioned. I mean, how, in this modern day and age is this crap still happening?

– and finally, in an effort to brighten up the show, I talk about Dracula (2014), the TV show, with John Rhys Meyers. And I also notice how Jessica De Gouw looks EXACTLY like the author Shannon Thompson. It’s either cloning or black magic, I tell you.

– We end the show with the movie Divergent, which I surprisingly liked. And I play Beating Heart by Ellie Goulding to illustrate that.

In short, a long, jilted, choppy episode with like a billion rants about various things.

Which reference the year so far. It’s not been a good start. But it doesn’t mean it’ll be a bad year. WE have to make it a good year, by fighting hard and showing others kindness. We have to create our own future – simple as that.





Pink Steampunk Girl






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PSS. Start your new year with some literature. I write in multiple genres, so chances are I will pleasure you in one way or another (couldn’t resist!).

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