Episode 51: Fanfiction


We’re back in full gear, people. Today’s show is about fan fiction and the writing of thereof.

I’ll be honest I’m on the fence about fan fiction. On the one hand I love it cos that’s where I started, and there are A LOT of good things about it. On the other, much like KDP (that’s Kindle Direct Publishing), most of the time you’re gonna encounter pieces of writing that are mediocre at best. But hey, with fan fiction no one has to spend any money right?

We start the show off with a joke, with me going on a rant about the idea of a god and how I think it’s a woman. Because when you think about it, God is a bit of trickster and only a woman can mess with people’s heads in this awesome a way.

Also I chose this topic because fan fiction is the ultimate expression of freedom, where usually a lawsuit is involved if it were in any other context.

Fanfiction offers a community and a free training ground where you can practice your craft without worrying about years of research, or taking time to rewrite over and over again, just because you can’t figure out if your particular brand of alien lizards can operate plasma technology or not. With fanfics, the leg work is laid out for you: all you gotta do is figure out how to make the character dance.

Also, no deadlines. And no word limits. You don’t (and shouldn’t) write entire novels as fanfics. You start small and slowly build your writing muscles until you can tackle something completely original. For the established writer, fan fiction is a great way to relive writer’s block. I told a story on the show of how I wrote the first book of the Pandora Chronicles at the same time as writing my Star Wars fanfic – Wraith: Agent of the Force. This helped me take a break from the Pandora story when I just couldn’t figure out what to do next.

Oh, and lightsabers. Who doesn’t love those?

For folks in the biz, fanfics get a ton of reviews, and all are free. I remember getting my first ever review on my Hunter X Hunter fic – Hisoka’s Second Time. It was inspiring and encouraging, and made me add a further 5 chapters to that story.

Here are the sites I quoted from:




I also end the show with a bit of an . . . unusual message. I don’t do political stuff and I could care less about world events, but I just had to address the terrorist issue with Charlie Hebdo and get my say in. I wrote a blog post about it yesterday, after recording this show.

It just had to be said.





Pink Steampunk Girl





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PSS. If you are going to read my fan fiction, thank you. But please bear in mind that those are THE FIRST pieces of writing I ever put up. I like to think my writing has improved since then. 🙂

Till next time,



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5 comments on “Episode 51: Fanfiction
  1. Wow, what a coincidence! I just wrote a post literally called The Merits of Fan Fiction that will be appearing on Shannon A Thompson’s blog as part of her Monday Guest feature thing. I agree that fan fiction has its place in the writing world (even if a lot of it is just plain awful.) The post is coming out on Feb 9, so mark your calendars, folks! 🙂

    • enkousama says:

      I’ll make sure to keep an eye out for it. Hopefully in the near future the negative stigma thay fanfiction accumulated would lessen somewhat and encourage new authors to try their hand at it. I find it helped my craft immensly

  2. williameck says:

    Thank you for making this podcast. I read and wrote Pokemon fanfiction when I was about 12 years old, so I view the whole genre with mingled nostalgia and embarrassment. I don’t want to write any fanfiction now, but catching up with the genre really takes me back.

    • enkousama says:

      Me too. I think I started off with some really crappy World of Warcraft-esque piece that I have buried in my drawer and will never EVER see the light of day. I was a HUGE Digimon fan myself (and I can’t wait for the new series!!!). I’m glad it took you back. Maybe someday you’ll find something that makes you want to write more ’embarrassing stuff’. And thanks for listening 🙂

      • williameck says:

        I wouldn’t even know where to start! The only story I wrote, that I remember, was about a game show hosted by Professor Oak. Probably better that it’s now lost to history…

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