Episode 53: Dragons


Turns out that rambling does have it’s good points.

Originally I was supposed to have an interview today – but unfortunately my guest could not make it. So in my panic I reverted back to my nerdism (actual word – look it up) and now we have an entire 40 minute podcast where I basically talk about giant fire-breathing reptiles.

no I will not subscribe to your pop-up bullshit. I'm a dragon motha*****

no I will not subscribe to your pop-up bullshit. I’m a dragon motha*****

I divide the dragons into Western and Eastern – because it turns out that dragons are so prevalent in our cultural symbology and iconography that they have become part and parcel of the ‘old world.’

You honestly cannot have a dragon and now have it bring with it that sense of awe and fantasy of a past age – which is essentially what epic fantasy authors do so well. This is where you get examples like Smaug (Hobbit), Saphira (Eragon), Kilgarrah (Merlin) and those idiots from How to Train your Dragon. And of course the million dragons from DnD, or the dragons  from Game of Thrones

Seriously - this is beyond awesome

Seriously – this is beyond awesome

I mention A LOT of examples (because just in case you haven’t noticed I am a HUGE nerd).

I also go very much off topic and spin in circles whilst playing old rock and some dubstep – but then again you listened to the show before so what’s new there?

When I grow up I wanna be an acid trip

When I grow up I wanna be an acid trip

In the end we finish off with me recounting the Volsunga Saga (later adapted by Tolkien and is the inspiration for Smaug) – because Vikings are awesome.





Pink Steampunk Girl





PS. Thank you for your app downloads. I think we reached a record a few weeks ago. But in any case if you haven’t gotten it check it out on either Amazon or on Podcast Box.

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2 comments on “Episode 53: Dragons
  1. I really like Dragons. Almost as much as waterfalls.
    I’m not fond of the Eastern renditions, though they very well may be the original depictions. They just look like snakes with wings.
    On the other side, there are the Dragons that resemble various lizards, sometimes multiple species wrapped up into one very serious, deadly monster.
    Good post, Ryan!
    — John

    • Ryan Attard says:

      Thanks. I’m not sure which came first but yeah in terms of design and sheer awesome western dragons take the cake. . . Although they won’t eat it. They’ll set it on fire and eat the host instead. Terrible at parties they are

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