Episode 55: Get Him to the Greek


Welcome back to another episodes to the Lurking Voice Podcast. Today we discuss the movie Take Him to the Greek with Russell Brand and Jonah Hill.

This movie is genius. It has all the elements you would expect from a good movie – a simple plot that unravels deep secrets about the character and actors that are top notch.

The main theme of the movie is, in my opinion, achievement and peace of mind. Being successful is not necessarily being happy. As a fan of Russell Brand, I know he speaks about this during his performances but in the movie it’s portrayed in a less personal level.

The main character Aldous Snow is a rock star and clean for several years, until his latest song fails and his marriage breaks down. So he goes back into drugs and partying really hard. And Jonah Hill who plays his manager, has to try and spot him from 1. killing himself with an accidental overdose and 2. get him to the Greek theatre (see, the title is relevant).

I love the portrayal of addiction in this movie but I’ll try not to spoil anything for you. Suffice it to say that drugs play a large and comical role in this movie.

Ultimately it’s a movie about finding peace of mind and happiness. Aldous only grows as a person and comes out of his addiction when he finally realises that by making others happy, HE in turn is happy. And it is this realisation that also leads Jonah Hill’s character to repair his love life.

It’s a great movie with some very intelligent layers to it and it’s definitely one I would recommend to anyone who is either going through some hard times creatively or just trying to have a laugh.

Some more notes – the music in this movie (and the episode) are some of my favourite tracks. You should definitely check them out on Youtube.

Also, I start the podcast by talking about that sexual assault case a couple days ago, on a female Dominoes pizza delivery girl. Personally I find it revolting, not just as an act of crime but also as an act of indifference. The guy is a minor so he’ll be off an his merry way soon and it seems that everyone stopped making noise about this. We need to speak up people – because that’s the only way we will be heard.

This podcast also has the LONGEST RANT to date. It goes on for about a minute, non-stop. Good thing my breathing exercises are working. There’s a lot more rants but this particular one is towards the end about how men react to breakups.

This episode also had the most technical difficulties. My mic decide to go crazy and at one point electrocuted me. Seriously my finger is red and smells of BBQ.

Good thing I’m a vegetarian.




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