Episode 58: News, Pot and Japanese Cats


We jump the shark this week, boys and girls. Turns out that when I have no topic to discuss and nothing to say, I have A LOT more.

There is no script this week and no plan. I slept a total of 12 hours since Monday because the former people I had work on Evil Plan Inc., screwed me over and I was stuck cleaning up their mess. I haven’t had time to watch a movie or finish a book or anything – and I am not gonna talk about something I haven’t throughly finished.

Thankfully the news never disappoints, and this week’s entertainment is a cornucopia of terribly dumb news stories.

First topic: the Skid Row shootings. This is serious. Terribly serious. There are no jokes here, only salient observations about the lethal situation we are facing now because of the disparity between the rich and the poor. And I do urge everyone reading/listening to this to help out as best you can. Usually all it takes is a few seconds to spread the word.

And then we move on to Pamela Anderson’s new hairstyle – yes, that is a NEWS story.

Following that is a freak out story about some dumb-ass woman who freaked out over her son’s report card. Apparently if you aren’t a genius at the age of 5, you are not worthy of this woman – let the ranting begin. Now, to be candid, this was a piece in the Huffington Post. Not exactly a vanguard of intellectual prowess.

Still no reason NOT to rant.

Third is possibly the most disappointing pot story that ever existed. I won’t spoil it (spoiler alert: this shit is boring as fuck – thanks for bringing the show to  screeching halt, Boring Pot Story)but essentially its about a self-claimed loser who couldn’t score pot in Washington DC —– WHERE POT IS FREAKN’ LEGAL!!!!


We quickly move over to a zombie apocalypse story, because honestly, I really needed a palate cleanser. Some scientists did a SIR model test with a zombie infestation.

And spoiler alert we’re all dead …. except Florida. Even zombies avoid that place.

After the zombie story I come across an article with following title: How to be a better housewife.

I had to click and rant.

Finally, the best story of all Japanese Cats have taken over Aoshima, Japan. 

This article made me love the news again. Hurray for Japanese kitty!!!

And at this point you really need to click PLAY on this sucker.





Pink Steampunk Girl





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Cheers guys. Thanks for listening.

Till next time,


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