Episode 59: Spooks


Hello boys and girls, and welcome to another episode of the Lurking Voice podcast. I am still recovering from my maladies but that is no excuse not to put aside a few minutes for some ranting and book discussion.

Today’s topics vary hard and wide. We start the show on a political/moral note, with an article about the Boy Scouts and their homophobia. Now, this is not a political podcast, but as an artist I feel it is the duty of every person on this planet to point out cracks in society’s armour and help repair them.

I feel like that metaphor completely escaped my grasp.

Following that I talk about Joe Biden and his rape kit story earlier this week. Everyone has opinions on politicians and about a topic as sensitive as rape. I find Kurt Kobain’s words to be valid in this case: That to fix this problem we must teach men not to develop into criminals, rather than instigate victims. It’s a matter of education and of raising moral and productive members of society.

And speaking of productive, I also talk about pot. Because I love irony as much as the next guy – or girl.

Today’s actual topic is the Spook Series by Joseph Delaney. I love these books. I admit, I only read the first two, because the Seventh Son cover was awesome (even though the movie looks terrible).

But having read the books I highly recommend them to anyone, because Delaney is one brilliant storyteller.

There is however on issue, in the latter half of the second book. But if I just tell you, there won’t be any point in you listening to the actual podcast will there?

So click the player below, sit back, and keep all liquids away because the knob jokes are aplenty in this one.


Music: Pink Steampunk Girl




PS. A huge thank you to all who downloaded the free Preview of Evil Plan Inc. If you haven’t, it’s FREE, so go get it. It’s #22 on Amazon right now in the International Mystery and Crime. It’s #4 on Kobo in the same category. (and yes, I am smiling like a 4 year old in a toy store as I write this)

PSS. Don’t forget we have an app. As you probably noticed on the site, I am moving things around. Not sure what’s gonna happen but the app is the safest way for you to get the show each week.


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