Episode 60: Iron Monkey


It happened, people. It finally happened. Today we finally talk about Kung Fu movies. Today we delve into that ancient niche of movies with a shitload of Wire-Fu, people jumping around, yelling subtitled inconsistencies and painfully archetypical characters that will make even the hardest of stoics break into a giggle.

But Iron Monkey, in my well-versed opinion, has the one thing that redeemed every bad Kung-Fu movie ever – a plot. Seriously, this movie is UNIQUE, and I think it may have started a trend, where Kung-Fu movies are no longer about the martial arts, but also about the hero’s journey.

Of course, the fact that Quentin Tarantino is a director does help significantly.


The western feel, the Robin Hood-esque archetype, the conflicting anti-heroes – this movie is well beyond just the awesome kung fu fighting it promises. But of which it has A LOT.

Seriously go watch it. But listen to the podcast first. 🙂

Before we get to our topic today I discuss some inane bullshit, like my daily schedule and the fact that I had a super greasy breakfast to celebrate the fact I was awake at a decent hour.

More importantly though, I talk about Sir Terry Pratchett and mourn his death while playing the song My Enemy by Veela. I thought it was very fitting.

And of course, when we do get on topic, the rambling and raving on this awesome topic of Kung-Fu movies is nothing short of epic.

If there’s one thing that can be said for this episode is CONTENT, baby. Content.






Music: Pink Steampunk Girl





See you next week,


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