Episode 63: Seventh Son


We finally watched it folks. I’ve been talking about this movie forever and finally I managed to tear myself away from my work long enough to enjoy a somewhat disappointing movie that was also entertaining.

Now, let me just put this out there – I like the Spook Series, and this movie does a very mediocre job of portraying the writing style and the “flavour” of the story.


The movie fluctuates between following some of Delaney’s plot, and going on its own tangent. Honestly, if this movie were autonomous and not at all related to the Spook Series, it would have been awesome. The casting was good, and the acting superb, but the plot was flakey at best. Honestly there were parts that made me think the actors got different scripts. Seriously, I hope that the next movie will be better and actually follows the book – not that there will be a sequel. The ratings speak for themselves for this one.

You’ll notice a few things on the show. Number one, I’m loud and erratic. I blame the pain meds that I’m currently on. Secondly, I’m happy, mostly because I had completed a big chunk of work and the Lurking Voice was finally featured in the Podcast Source app, which you can download from iTunes, or just follow this link and get it from Amazon.

Either one works, and makes your life WAY better.

Enjoy the show



Music: Pink Steampunk Girl





PS. Don’t forget to leave a comment and a rating. I’ll be taking music, movie or book requests if I have time and would love to geek out with you.


Peace out,


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