Episode 66: FATE anime series


It’s not secret that I am a HUGE anime fan, as well as a fantasy fantastic and mythology maniac (alliteration is also fun). The FATE anime series (based off of the visual novel by TYPE-MOON) hits all those points in one of the best shows on TV right now.

In today’s show we have a whirlwind of mania and mayhem. We talk about 3 different anime series:

  • Fate/ Stay Night


  • Fate/ Zero


and, drum roll please:

  • Fate/ Unlimited Blade Works



I explain what I like and dislike about each, and then proceed to fanboy over the Unlimited Blade Works and discuss the different characters while squealing like a schoolgirl.

But before any of that fun, you guys get a diatribe about breakfast cereals – I know, random.

Basically I talk about Coco Pops, Frosted Flakes and Fruity Loops. I am either a genius or a complete moron with more than a few screws loose – I’ll leave that decision to you and look forward to reading your answers in the comments section.

Coco Pops man… Yeah, it’s gonna be one of those shows.



Music: Pink Steampunk Girl





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