Episode 73: Veronica Mars


Today’s episode is very emotional. I’ve started binge watching the Veronica Mars series, which I did watch before, but this time it really hit home for some reason.


Seriously, have you ever watched a show and when it’s over, you feel like you’re in a breakup? That is what that last episode (awesomely titled “The Bitch is Back”). I’ve been sifting through Youtube for the soundtracks used and I’ve been jamming to them ever since.

In this episode I talk about the movie, which is awesome beyond awesomeness itself. Seriously, the mere fact that this movie got made is an awesome statement at the very least, and the fact it was this good… it just makes me feel warm and fuzzy on the inside.


So, yeah. I’ve been gushing. HEAVILY. I couldn’t sleep for a whole day after I finished the tv show, and the movie nearly drove me to tears there. This is why I ramble on this show — this is therapy for me. I need to talk about this and digest it, before I can move on.

I’ll say one thing about the movie. The entire thing is about accepting the things you cannot change, and fighting to change the things you can. Which really is something I can identify with.





Music: Pink Steampunk Girl





This is that Season 4 12 minute clip I was talking about. This is what could have been:





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