Episode 75: The Librarian – Quest For the Spear


Since the dawn of civilization, certain things are well documented to piss off the gods, and as it turns out, podcasting during a thunderstorm is one of them.

Following a lengthy battle involving an internet modem, a bumbling tech operator and severe patience from one seriously peeved podcaster/author, the podcast was a go, and I was finally given enough leeway to talk about the first Librarian movie and maybe play a few songs.


So there I was in a dark and dreary room, listening to the raging furies of nature outside my window, while temping fate by playing “Thunderstruck” and “It’s Raining Men” (yes, I get the irony), and gushing over how awesome Noah Wyle’s acting is. Seriously, if any of you every read my Pandora Chronicles series, it’s thanks to movies like this one. I’ll even go as far as to say I like it more than Indiana Jones.

Flynn Carson is one of the first “nerdy” protagonists. Notice I did not say hero. Flynn is not a hero. He’s just trying not to get killed (or yelled at).

There’s also a lengthy anecdote about drunks in the first 5 minutes of the show. Turns out you shouldn’t piss off the guy with the podcast… because he’ll most certainly bitch about you on said podcast.

And finally, the zinger. We had made it, we were on the outro, just about to wrap it up, and singing along with “Ain’t Nobody”, when the gods rear their ugly heads and yank away from me the power of internet broadband. The song ends abruptly and I’m forced to listen to myself as I collect the pieces of my shattered groove.

So, yeah, there’s that. Mother Nature is a bitch.




Music: Pink Steampunk Girl







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