Episode 79: Young Sherlock


The Lurking Voice Podcast is back and we go down the rabbit hole one more time. The plan was that I talk about Andrew Lane’s Young Sherlock Holmes series of books. However, when you skip a few weeks of podcasting, stuff tends to accumulate.


We talk about many thing, but the most prevalent thing about this episode is the rant I go on after the first ten minutes, into what is to-date the LONGEST rant in history. I won’t spoil it for you, but it involves me, body hair, my parents, and Maltese genetics. It’s an embarrassing story, and I over share a little.

I mean, sure, all of this is comment on human superficiality, and how we’ve come to expect standards of beauty that are way beyond what regular people can do… but really it’s an embarrassing story at my expense.

After about 20 minutes, we finally get to the point, and talk about a series of books I would highly recommend to anyone. Seriously, Andrew Lane creates a great world for a character we’ve all come to know and love. He does a fantastic job of creating the groundwork for Sherlock, in so much as providing a jumping off point, which then leads to the colloquial character we know in modern times.


This is a long ass show, going over 45 minutes. But if you like embarrassing stories at the expense of the host, and great books based on characters we all love, this episode is definitely for you.

However, you might wanna multitask… just sayin’.




Music: Pink Steampunk Girl







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