Episode 80: Magic to Win


Welcome back to another episode of The Lurking Voice Podcast and Happy Turkey Day to all those who celebrate Thanksgiving. Today we talk about a movie that has been on my to-be-watched pile for a very long time: the 2011 Hong Kong flick, Magic To Win.


The last time I reviewed a Chinese movie I was pleasantly surprised, and with this one, knowing that there was magic and all that fantasy stuff, I set my bar quite high.

That was a mistake.

Magic to Win is lacking quite a lot: a plot, good acting, making sense at any goddamn point! But what it does have are gems of pure comedy… for me that is. I made fun of this movie.

Like, a lot.

You know a movie is bad when even the actors give it a thumbs down

You know a movie is bad when even the actors give it a thumbs down

I will say that I really enjoyed taking the piss out of this movie. Not just because I’m an asshole, movie savant-wannabe; but also because I managed to make myself do a spit-take and nearly destroy my computer. That’s a first. Not to toot my own horn, but I think I was funny, especially when talking about a movie where I had no idea what was happening.

In fact, this is the movie America needs to watch in order to legalize marijuana, cos only on dope can you make sense of this shit.

Best line Ever: “All the bad guy wants is to go back in time and play with the horsie…”




Music: Pink Steampunk Girl








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