Episode 81: The Big Sleep


Welcome back to The Lurking Voice Podcast, where we soar the skies in the company of awesomeness, and even if today that awesomeness is somehow marred by the fact that I am sick, today’s movie choice is AMAZING.

Seriously, I dare anyone to find something wrong with 1945’s The Big Sleep, the adaptation of Raymond Chandler’s novel starring the amazing Humphrey Bogart and the sensational Lauren Bacall. And a slew of other equally talented actors.


Wow, just wow. I am so glad I picked this movie up. This is the very definition of awesome, a movie that pulls you in (and makes you forget about your phone for a few minutes)

This is also what an adaptation should be: in that it carries the original voice of Chandler’s story and brings the character to life in a way that is most memorable.

Le grand sommeil The big sleep 1946 rŽal. : Howard Hawks Humphrey Bogart Lauren Bacall Collection Christophel

I also cough a lot (I’m sick remember?) and rant way too much about the release of the new Star Wars movie and how everyone is reviewing it even if I haven’t seen it yet.

My pain is real, people.


Enjoy the show:





Music: Pink Steampunk Girl







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