The Lurking Voice podcast

The Lurking Voice is the journey of author Ryan Attard as he explores the world around him from an artistic perspective, including books, movies and music as well as interviewing various authors and artists of all kinds.

Expect reviews, funny commentary and the occasional rant.


Episode 28: Percy Jackson Series 


Episode 27: Andrew Vogel 


Episode 26: Rick Karlsruher and Noveltunity 


Episode 25: Gail Z Martin 


Episode 24: Marketing Insanity


Episode 23: KD Keenan 


Episode 22: Little Pricks 


Episode 21: Kori Miller 


Episode 20: Devils 


Episode 19: Collin Landis 


Episode 18: Pippa Jay 


Episode 17: Sorin Suciu 


Episode 16: Demons 


Episode 15: Star Wars Special 


Episode 14: Shannon Thompson 


Episode 13: Quality vs Quantity 


Episode 12: The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel 


Episode 11: Rock and Roll Dimensional Aliens/ The Ecstasy Show 


Episode 10: The Covenant 


Episode 9: Greg Lamb 


Episode 8: Creative Methods 


Episode 7: Ghouls 


Episode 6: Animorphs 


Episode 5: Chronicles of the Necromancer 


Episode 4: Creativity and Insanity rant


Episode 3b: Snowflake Method – Script writing 


Episode 3: Snowflake Method – Novel writing


Episode 2: Going Postal rant


Episode 1: Review of When Stars Die by Amber Forbes


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